CXXXIII. Shockwave Flash Functions


PHP offers the ability to create Shockwave Flash files via Paul Haeberli's libswf module.

注: SWF support was added in PHP 4 RC2.

The libswf does not have support for Windows. The development of that library has been stopped, and the source is not available to port it to another systems.

For up to date SWF support take a look at the MING functions.


You need the libswf library to compile PHP with support for this extension. You can download libswf at


Once you have libswf all you need to do is to configure --with-swf[=DIR] where DIR is a location containing the directories include and lib. The include directory has to contain the swf.h file and the lib directory has to contain the libswf.a file. If you unpack the libswf distribution the two files will be in one directory. Consequently you will have to copy the files to the proper location manually.


本扩展模块在 php.ini 中未定义任何配置选项。




以下常量由本扩展模块定义,因此只有在本扩展模块被编译到 PHP 中,或者在运行时被动态加载后才有效。

MOD_COLOR (integer)

MOD_MATRIX (integer)



BSHitTest (float)

BSDown (float)

BSOver (float)

BSUp (float)

OverDowntoIdle (integer)

IdletoOverDown (integer)

OutDowntoIdle (integer)

OutDowntoOverDown (integer)

OverDowntoOutDown (integer)

OverUptoOverDown (integer)

OverUptoIdle (integer)

IdletoOverUp (integer)

ButtonEnter (integer)

ButtonExit (integer)

MenuEnter (integer)

MenuExit (integer)


Once you've successfully installed PHP with Shockwave Flash support you can then go about creating Shockwave files from PHP. You would be surprised at what you can do, take the following code:

例子 1. SWF example

("test.swf", 256, 256, 30, 1, 1, 1);
swf_ortho2(-100, 100, -100, 100);
swf_defineline(1, -70, 0, 70, 0, .2);
swf_definerect(4, 60, -10, 70, 0, 0);
swf_definerect(5, -60, 0, -70, 10, 0);
swf_addcolor(0, 0, 0, 0);

swf_definefont(10, "Mod");
swf_definetext(11, "This be Flash wit PHP!", 1);

swf_translate(-50, 80, 0);
swf_placeobject(11, 60);

for (
$i = 0; $i < 30; $i++) {
$p = $i/(30-1);
swf_scale(1-($p*.9), 1, 1);
swf_rotate(60*$p, 'z');
swf_translate(20+20*$p, $p/1.5, 0);
swf_rotate(270*$p,  'z');
swf_addcolor($p, 0, $p/1.2, -$p);
swf_placeobject(1, 50);
swf_placeobject(4, 50);
swf_placeobject(5, 50);

for (
$i = 0; $i < 30; $i++) {
    if ((
$i%4) == 0) {



swf_actiongeturl -- Get a URL from a Shockwave Flash movie
swf_actiongotoframe -- Play a frame and then stop
swf_actiongotolabel --  Display a frame with the specified label
swf_actionnextframe -- Go forward one frame
swf_actionplay --  Start playing the flash movie from the current frame
swf_actionprevframe -- Go backwards one frame
swf_actionsettarget -- Set the context for actions
swf_actionstop --  Stop playing the flash movie at the current frame
swf_actiontogglequality --  Toggle between low and high quality
swf_actionwaitforframe --  Skip actions if a frame has not been loaded
swf_addbuttonrecord --  Controls location, appearance and active area of the current button
swf_addcolor --  Set the global add color to the rgba value specified
swf_closefile -- Close the current Shockwave Flash file
swf_definebitmap -- Define a bitmap
swf_definefont --  Defines a font
swf_defineline -- Define a line
swf_definepoly --  Define a polygon
swf_definerect -- Define a rectangle
swf_definetext -- Define a text string
swf_endbutton --  End the definition of the current button
swf_enddoaction -- End the current action
swf_endshape --  Completes the definition of the current shape
swf_endsymbol -- End the definition of a symbol
swf_fontsize -- Change the font size
swf_fontslant -- Set the font slant
swf_fonttracking -- Set the current font tracking
swf_getbitmapinfo -- Get information about a bitmap
swf_getfontinfo --  The height in pixels of a capital A and a lowercase x
swf_getframe -- Get the frame number of the current frame
swf_labelframe -- Label the current frame
swf_lookat -- Define a viewing transformation
swf_modifyobject -- Modify an object
swf_mulcolor --  Sets the global multiply color to the rgba value specified
swf_nextid -- Returns the next free object id
swf_oncondition --  Describe a transition used to trigger an action list
swf_openfile -- Open a new Shockwave Flash file
swf_ortho2 --  Defines 2D orthographic mapping of user coordinates onto the current viewport
swf_ortho --  Defines an orthographic mapping of user coordinates onto the current viewport
swf_perspective --  Define a perspective projection transformation
swf_placeobject -- Place an object onto the screen
swf_polarview --  Define the viewer's position with polar coordinates
swf_popmatrix --  Restore a previous transformation matrix
swf_posround --  Enables or Disables the rounding of the translation when objects are placed or moved
swf_pushmatrix --  Push the current transformation matrix back unto the stack
swf_removeobject -- Remove an object
swf_rotate -- Rotate the current transformation
swf_scale -- Scale the current transformation
swf_setfont -- Change the current font
swf_setframe -- Switch to a specified frame
swf_shapearc -- Draw a circular arc
swf_shapecurveto3 -- Draw a cubic bezier curve
swf_shapecurveto --  Draw a quadratic bezier curve between two points
swf_shapefillbitmapclip --  Set current fill mode to clipped bitmap
swf_shapefillbitmaptile --  Set current fill mode to tiled bitmap
swf_shapefilloff -- Turns off filling
swf_shapefillsolid --  Set the current fill style to the specified color
swf_shapelinesolid -- Set the current line style
swf_shapelineto -- Draw a line
swf_shapemoveto -- Move the current position
swf_showframe -- Display the current frame
swf_startbutton -- Start the definition of a button
swf_startdoaction --  Start a description of an action list for the current frame
swf_startshape -- Start a complex shape
swf_startsymbol -- Define a symbol
swf_textwidth -- Get the width of a string
swf_translate -- Translate the current transformations
swf_viewport -- Select an area for future drawing

add a note add a note User Contributed Notes
vivid at bwteam dot org
15-Nov-2004 09:52
I am using ActiveSWF toolkit to produce dynamic Flash movies from XML. I like it, because only I need to produce new dynamic movie is new XML. PHP code is the same. Additionally, it has quite good documentation. See
Mark Dijkman The Netherlands
14-Jan-2004 07:16
Let's not forget to mention there IS another alternative to Swf-lib and Ming. It's called FreeMovie and is created by Jacek Artymiak from O'Reilly. This piece of art is made out of PHP-files only wich makes it suitable for many platforms. The project is also available via SourceForge as freemovie-php.

Thumbs up for that one!
manuel DOT leiner AT gmx DOT de
29-Jul-2002 07:20
Just to mention for users of SuSE 8.0. libswf is included with the distro with no fonts. Therefore you must "patch" libswf support. As I didn't find the solution here before and I found a solution I am posting this fix:
Download the libswf package and uncompress to a directory (e.g. /usr/share/php/swf). Then include
Then log out and in again and restart apache. Then you should be able to use flash text functions within PHP.
07-Mar-2002 02:50
For those having problems with libswf fonts you can add a system wide variable to point to the fonts dir in your shell.

In linux open up /etc/profile and add the lines :


Please not all of that is case sensitive, so copy it carefully. Logout and log back in to see changes (should affect all users). Test it from the command line with echo $SWFFONTPATH

For windows users you should be able to add

SET SWFFONTPATH=/path/to/fonts

in your autoexec.bat or autoexec.nt. Test it with echo %SWFFONTPATH%

HTH! =)
seek at byte-net dot ro
26-Jan-2001 09:06
Hot to make it right.
I have a /kit/php4 folder
I made a flash folder into that folder. Looks like
Here made 2 folders called lib and include
Copy libswf.a in lib folder and swf.h in include folder
go to /kit/php4 folder and ./configure --with-swf=flash [--add your other configure params]
make install
works great
Note. In fact I have all unziped swf kit in /kit/php4/flash folder and I added the new 2 folder [lib and include]. Then copy specified files into them.
isu at tozsdeforum dot hu
17-Jan-2001 12:11
This works also! Write into the script:
putenv ("SWFFONTPATH=/path_to_swf/fonts");
Maybe you can do the job with apache somehow, but it did't work for me. (With getenv it looked ok, but the swf failed to find the font)
mike at nux dot co dot uk
20-Dec-2000 11:22
I am using a Generator alternative Turbine - - much cheaper than generator with a new version comming soon with builtin php support.
tbma at usa dot net
28-Oct-2000 10:32
Quick patch for php 4.0.2 to enable sound.
ghisha at inwind dot it
05-Sep-2000 11:02
Writing on directory is not required. You can generate a run-time movie .. by replacing swf_openfile("<filename>", .... ) with swf_openfile("php://stdout", ....) and add before that an
Header("Content-type: application/x-shockwave-flash")
adobernig at netway dot at
12-Jul-2000 12:09
There are 2 prerequisites that must be met to run the test program:

1.) The directory where the test program resides in must be writeable to the PHP user (depending on installation either the apache user (module version of PHP4) or the script owner)

2.) The fonts directory from the swflib  distribution must be in the same dir as the test script file  so when the test file is  foo/swftest.php  the fonts dir should be  foo/fonts/ containing Mod.f and Mod.l   

Otherwise you will get a segfault when executing the test program.
kawa at gui dot uva dot es
06-Jul-2000 09:23
Fonts must be in the directory named "fonts". Lets see... if your code is in /www/swf.php4, you sould make a directory /www/fonts. If you use the example above, copy the files dist/fonts/Mod.f and dist/fonts/Mod.l of the source distribution to into /www/fonts/ to use the font Mod. I think you can use also SET_SWF_FONTS or similar