CII. Ovrimos SQL Functions


Ovrimos SQL Server, is a client/server, transactional RDBMS combined with Web capabilities and fast transactions.

注: 本扩展已被移动到 PECL 库中且自以下版本起不再被绑定到 PHP 中:5.1.0.

注: 本扩展模块在 Windows 平台下不可用。


You'll need to install the sqlcli library available in the Ovrimos SQL Server distribution.


To enable Ovrimos support in PHP just compile PHP with the --with-ovrimos[=DIR] parameter to your configure line. DIR is the Ovrimos' libsqlcli install directory.


本扩展模块在 php.ini 中未定义任何配置选项。


例子 1. Connect to Ovrimos SQL Server and select from a system table

= ovrimos_connect("", "8001", "admin", "password");
if (
$conn != 0) {
"Connection ok!";
$res = ovrimos_exec($conn, "select table_id, table_name from sys.tables");
    if (
$res != 0) {
"Statement ok!";
This will just connect to an Ovrimos SQL server.

ovrimos_close -- Closes the connection to ovrimos
ovrimos_commit -- Commits the transaction
ovrimos_connect -- Connect to the specified database
ovrimos_cursor -- Returns the name of the cursor
ovrimos_exec -- Executes an SQL statement
ovrimos_execute -- Executes a prepared SQL statement
ovrimos_fetch_into -- Fetches a row from the result set
ovrimos_fetch_row -- Fetches a row from the result set
ovrimos_field_len -- Returns the length of the output column
ovrimos_field_name -- Returns the output column name
ovrimos_field_num --  Returns the (1-based) index of the output column
ovrimos_field_type --  Returns the (numeric) type of the output column
ovrimos_free_result -- Frees the specified result_id
ovrimos_longreadlen --  Specifies how many bytes are to be retrieved from long datatypes
ovrimos_num_fields -- Returns the number of columns
ovrimos_num_rows --  Returns the number of rows affected by update operations
ovrimos_prepare -- Prepares an SQL statement
ovrimos_result_all --  Prints the whole result set as an HTML table
ovrimos_result -- Retrieves the output column
ovrimos_rollback -- Rolls back the transaction

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