These package allows you to access Kerberos V administration servers. You can create, modify, and delete Kerberos V principals and policies.

More information about Kerberos can be found at http://web.mit.edu/kerberos/www/.

Documentation for Kerberos and KADM5 can be found at http://web.mit.edu/kerberos/www/krb5-1.2/krb5-1.2.8/doc/admin_toc.html.


以下常量由本扩展模块定义,因此只有在本扩展模块被编译到 PHP 中,或者在运行时被动态加载后才有效。

Constants for Attribute Flags

The functions kadm5_create_principal(), kadm5_modify_principal(), and kadm5_modify_principal() allow to specify special attributes using a bitfield. The symbols are defined below:

表格 1. Attributes for use by the KDC


Constants for Options

The functions kadm5_create_principal(), kadm5_modify_principal(), and kadm5_get_principal() allow to specify or return principal's options as an associative array. The keys for the associative array are defined as string constants below:

表格 2. Options for creating/modifying/retrieving principals

KADM5_PRINCIPALlongThe expire time of the princial as a Kerberos timestamp.
KADM5_PRINC_EXPIRE_TIMElongThe expire time of the princial as a Kerberos timestamp.
KADM5_LAST_PW_CHANGElongThe time this principal's password was last changed.
KADM5_PW_EXPIRATIONlong The expire time of the principal's current password, as a Kerberos timestamp.
KADM5_MAX_LIFElong The maximum lifetime of any Kerberos ticket issued to this principal.
KADM5_MAX_RLIFElong The maximum renewable lifetime of any Kerberos ticket issued to or for this principal.
KADM5_MOD_NAMEstring The name of the Kerberos principal that most recently modified this principal.
KADM5_MOD_TIMElong The time this principal was last modified, as a Kerberos timestamp.
KADM5_KVNOlongThe version of the principal's current key.
KADM5_POLICYstringThe name of the policy controlling this principal.
KADM5_CLEARPOLICYlong Standard procedure is to assign the 'default' policy to new principals. KADM5_CLEARPOLICY suppresses this behaviour.
KADM5_LAST_SUCCESSlongThe KDC time of the last successfull AS_REQ.
KADM5_LAST_FAILEDlongThe KDC time of the last failed AS_REQ.
KADM5_FAIL_AUTH_COUNTlongThe number of consecutive failed AS_REQs.
KADM5_RANDKEYlong Generates a random password for the principal. The parameter password will be ignored.
KADM5_ATTRIBUTESlongA bitfield of attributes for use by the KDC.


This simple example shows how to connect, query, print resulting principals and disconnect from a KADM5 database.

例子 1. KADM5 extension overview example


= kadm5_init_with_password("afs-1", "GONICUS.LOCAL", "admin/admin", "password");

$principals = kadm5_get_principals($handle);
$i=0; $i<count($principals); $i++)

$policies = kadm5_get_policies($handle);
$i=0; $i<count($policies); $i++)

"<h1>get_principal burbach@GONICUS.LOCAL</h1>\n";

$options = kadm5_get_principal($handle, "burbach@GONICUS.LOCAL" );
$keys = array_keys($options);
$i=0; $i<count($keys); $i++) {
$value = $options[$keys[$i]];
"$keys[$i]: $value<br>\n";

$options = array(KADM5_PRINC_EXPIRE_TIME => 0);
kadm5_modify_principal($handle, "burbach@GONICUS.LOCAL", $options);


Contact Information

If you have comments, bugfixes, enhancements or want to help in developing this you can send me a mail at holger.burbach@gonicus.de. The project homepage can be found at http://oss.gonicus.de/project/?group_id=7.

kadm5_chpass_principal -- Changes the principal's password
kadm5_create_principal -- Creates a kerberos principal with the given parameters
kadm5_delete_principal -- Deletes a kerberos principal
kadm5_destroy -- Closes the connection to the admin server and releases all related resources
kadm5_flush -- Flush all changes to the Kerberos database, leaving the connection to the Kerberos admin server open
kadm5_get_policies -- Gets all policies from the Kerberos database
kadm5_get_principal -- Gets the principal's entries from the Kerberos database
kadm5_get_principals -- Gets all principals from the Kerberos database
kadm5_init_with_password -- Opens a connection to the KADM5 library and initializes any neccessary state information
kadm5_modify_principal -- Modifies a kerberos principal with the given parameters

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