LIV. IIS Administration Functions


PECL 扩展未绑定于 PHP 中。 This extension is available for Win32 only. It provides functions to administrate Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). The extension includes function to create web sites and virtual directories as well as configuring security and script mapping. These functions have been added in PHP 4.

In order to use these functions you must enable the php_iisfunc.dll DLL inside of php.ini. 可以从 PHP 下载页面或者 下载此 PECL 扩展的 DLL 文件。




本函数库作为 PHP 内核的一部分,不用安装就能使用。


本扩展模块在 php.ini 中未定义任何配置选项。





iis_add_server -- Creates a new virtual web server
iis_get_dir_security -- Gets Directory Security
iis_get_script_map -- Gets script mapping on a virtual directory for a specific extension
iis_get_server_by_comment -- Return the instance number associated with the Comment
iis_get_server_by_path -- Return the instance number associated with the Path
iis_get_server_rights -- Gets server rights
iis_get_service_state -- Returns the state for the service defined by ServiceId
iis_remove_server -- Removes the virtual web server indicated by ServerInstance
iis_set_app_settings -- Creates application scope for a virtual directory
iis_set_dir_security -- Sets Directory Security
iis_set_script_map -- Sets script mapping on a virtual directory
iis_set_server_rights -- Sets server rights
iis_start_server -- Starts the virtual web server
iis_start_service -- Starts the service defined by ServiceId
iis_stop_server -- Stops the virtual web server
iis_stop_service -- Stops the service defined by ServiceId

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