(PHP 3 >= 3.0.6, PHP 4, PHP 5)

set_magic_quotes_runtime --  Sets the current active configuration setting of magic_quotes_runtime


bool set_magic_quotes_runtime ( int new_setting )

Set the current active configuration setting of magic_quotes_runtime (0 for off, 1 for on).

See also: get_magic_quotes_gpc() and get_magic_quotes_runtime().

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warhog at warhog dot net
17-Dec-2005 12:54
I think the post below is useless here..

magic_quotes_runtime is not magic_quotes_gpc.. when magic_quotes_runtime is enabled (on, =1, true), then every function call working with some kind of database will return strings with slashes (like addslashes everytime you call such a function). magic_quotes_gpc instead is what is meant in the post below - and in fact, magic_quotes_runtime does not do anything to it. but if there existed some function like set_magic_quotes_gpc it would not do anything too, the reason is mentioned below..

so if you're searchin' for a way to turn off quotes_gpc than set the directive in the INI-File or with the help of the php_value-flag of mod_php, when php is compiled as an apache module, inside of an .htaccess-file (PERDIR-configuration). otherwise you really have to check wether quotes_gpc is enabled or not and than add addslashes or stripslashes as you need on the input-variables.

and as mentioned in the post below that one belows this one ( -.- ) magic_quotes_runtime is mostrly useless too..
tilman DOT schroeder AT gmx DOT de
11-May-2004 09:19
To php at nospam-qualystem dot com:

For your purposes it's easier to open the file in binary mode (fopen("file.txt","wb")) than setting magic_quotes_runtime to off ;)
php at nospam-qualystem dot com
09-Jan-2003 09:49
get_magic_quotes runtime and set_magic_quotes_runtime are useful when you want to read some data in a binary file using fread() and some bytes in such file may be interpreted as \ (backslash), " (double quotes), ' (simple quote) or any "special" character that has a meaning for string processing.
yanshuldg at etang dot com
26-Mar-2002 06:42
set_magic_quote_runtime(1) is  very userful for copying data from one table to another table in mysql when there are many columns need addslashes