(PHP 4 >= 4.0.5, PHP 5)

ming_setcubicthreshold --  Set cubic threshold (?)


void ming_setcubicthreshold ( int threshold )



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cece at php dot net
29-Aug-2002 01:18
Reading that document on Macromedia's site gives me light.


It says, swf format only supports quadratic beziers, what less accurate than cubic beziers, but easy to render fast. I think, in swf file's beziers are quadratic interpolation of better looking quadratic beziers. Threshold value drives this accuracy (more control nodes, bigger files)
rob at theblip dot please dot god dot no dot spam dot com
10-Apr-2002 03:35
From the source code: sets the threshold error for drawing cubic beziers.  Lower is more accurate, hence larger file size.