(PHP 4 >= 4.0.2, PHP 5 <= 5.0.4)

ingres_commit -- Commit a transaction


bool ingres_commit ( [resource link] )

ingres_commit() commits the currently open transaction, making all changes made to the database permanent.

This closes the transaction. A new one can be open by sending a query with ingres_query().

You can also have the server commit automatically after every query by calling ingres_autocommit() before opening the transaction.

See also ingres_query(), ingres_rollback(), and ingres_autocommit().

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burckhardtNOSPAM at CUTMEgsf dot de
24-Jan-2002 01:00
this might be obvious for the more enlightened among us, alas, I had to learn it the hard way (and I hope my interpretation is right):
WHENEVER you use ingres_commit(), you cannot use any other ingres-commands for this connection anymore, since ingres_commit() closes it. That means that any ingres_fetch_row/object/whatever has to come before the ingres_commit-call. I first thought, each ingres_query() had to be "committed", but that was wrong.