(PHP 3 >= 3.0.15, PHP 4, PHP 5)

imap_utf7_encode --  Converts ISO-8859-1 string to modified UTF-7 text


string imap_utf7_encode ( string data )

Converts data to modified UTF-7 text. Note that data is expected to be encoded in ISO-8859-1.

This is needed to encode mailbox names that contain certain characters which are not in range of printable ASCII characters.

The modified UTF-7 encoding is defined in RFC 2060, section 5.1.3 (original UTF-7 was defined in RFC1642).

See also: imap_utf7_decode().

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31-Jul-2006 10:10
This encoding will not work for cyrus imapservers and you might have problems with other mail clients.
Use mb_convert_encoding($str, "UTF7-IMAP","ISO-8859-15") instead.

ps: mb_convert_encoding() requires  building php with  --enable-mbstring option
02-Nov-2005 07:01
Note that php4 (4.4.0) will encode IMAP folders in a way that no other program will be able to decode them back.
$ php4 <<EOF
> <?php
> echo "ENCODED: " . imap_utf7_encode("") . "\\n";
ENCODED: &w5w-

Now try to decode the result string ("&w5w-") using e.g. javamail or python's imaplib, or if you don't like these languages - create an IMAP folder using PHP and try to display it in an IMAP client (mutt, thunderbird, outlook, whatever...)
marcelo at maccoy dot com dot br
07-Mar-2005 09:48
* @return encoded string
* @param string $str       
* @desc Convert str to UTF-7 imap default mailbox names
   (the imap_utf7_encode don t built the same result)
function getEncodedUtf7($str){
"error: you need to give a string parameter.";
# change spaces by entropy because mb_convert fail with spaces
$str=ereg_replace(" ","xyxy",$str);               
# if mb_convert work
# change characters
# change to spaces again
$str=preg_replace("/xyxy/"," ",$str);                       
# return encoded string
return $str;
# else
# print error and return false
echo "error: is not possible to encode this string '$str'.[".
hartmut at six dot de
16-Mar-2000 02:14
this function was buggy up to php3.0.15 / php4beta4pl1