(PHP 3 >= 3.0.3, PHP 4, PECL)

hw_GetObject -- Object record


mixed hw_getobject ( int connection, mixed objectID [, string query] )

Returns the object record for the object with ID objectID if the second parameter is an integer. If the second parameter is an array of integer the function will return an array of object records. In such a case the last parameter is also evaluated which is a query string.

The query string has the following syntax:

<expr> ::= "(" <expr> ")" |

"!" <expr> | /* NOT */

<expr> "||" <expr> | /* OR */

<expr> "&&" <expr> | /* AND */

<attribute> <operator> <value>

<attribute> ::= /* any attribute name (Title, Author, DocumentType ...) */

<operator> ::= "=" | /* equal */

"<" | /* less than (string compare) */

">" | /* greater than (string compare) */

"~" /* regular expression matching */

The query allows to further select certain objects from the list of given objects. Unlike the other query functions, this query may use not indexed attributes. How many object records are returned depends on the query and if access to the object is allowed.

See also hw_getandlock(), and hw_getobjectbyquery().

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oswald at videofreak dot at
26-Jan-2002 12:31
There is a problem with the ObcectIds as used in Hyperwave ( like 0x232123).The automatic type conversion makes a variable like this a string, and you get nothin. Even the explicit conversion (like intval (0x232123)) leads to nonsense: You need to convert a hyperwave hexdec-Oid as follows:
then you get results :-)