(PHP 3, PHP 4, PECL)

dbminsert --  Inserts a value for a key in a DBM database


int dbminsert ( resource dbm_identifier, string key, string value )

Adds the value to the database with the specified key.

Returns -1 if the database was opened read-only, 0 if the insert was successful, and 1 if the specified key already exists. (To replace the value, use dbmreplace().)

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schoch4 at starnet dot com
19-Oct-2000 08:20
In PHP 3, the key is passed as a C string with its length set to its strlen.  This can be a problem if you want to use the DBM file as an AuthDBMUserFile for apache with NETSCAPE_DBM_COMPAT defined.  In that case, apache needs a trailing NULL on the key, which this function can't do.